Below you will find the articles published for MZINE in 2013.

Will Iranian LNG come in from the cold?
Breakthroughs in negotiations over Iran's nuclear programme raises prospects of Iranian gas and LNG reaching world markets.
December 2013       3
LNG: Will it float?
FLNG technology has made major advancements in recent years and is likely to become operational in 2015. Big companies are now itching to jump onboard these new vessels.
November 2013       3
Miliband Dreams of Freezing Energy
On Tuesday 24th September, Ed Miliband insisted that if the Labour Party is successful in the 2015 election, the new Government would freeze gas and electricity prices for twenty months.
October 2013       48
Salmond Spawns Upstream Optimism
Will North Sea oil and gas be a bonus to an independent Scotland?
September 2013       3
Return of the King
Resistance to the return of 'Old King Coal' is low as UK economy is slow to recover
July 2013       3
Boom or Gloom - the future of LNG in Australia
What will happen next to Australia's LNG industry?
June 2013       3
An Unconventional Budget?
We consider two major developments that escaped the front page.
May 2013       6
Vive la Difference!
The Electricity Market Reform, nuclear energy and who pays for a green future?
April 2013       4
a short report on new sources of LNG.
March 2013       3
UK Energy Markets:
- the Future
February 2013       3
Dash for Gas:
Sensible Strategy or Misguided Gamble
February 2013       351