Below you will find the articles published for MZINE in 2014.

UK Announcement has Repercussions for the Oil and Gas Industry.
UK Chancellor George Osbourne unveils two policies in the 2014 Autumn Budget
December 2014       973
Russia Abandons South Stream
On Monday 1st December Russia announces that it would abandon the south stream gas pipeline.
December 2014       582
What the Conversion of Arun LNG means for Indonesia
Since December 1977 the Arun LNG facility in Indonesia has exported around 4000 LNG cargoes. Last month it shipped it's last cargo...
November 2014       1603
Will the lights stay on in the UK this Winter?
The recent fire at Didcot Power Station B has highlighted the fall in capacity and reignited the debate on the UK's ability to meet electricity demand over the winter this year.
November 2014       3
EU Gas Demand Declines For Third Year Running
During the last three years, gas demand by EU power generators decreased by 51bcm, or one third from the historical peak reached in 2010'
October 2014       3
East meets West - Japan Crude Cocktail and Henry Hub
Changed attitudes towards the relationship between natural gas and oil prices in the Pacific Basin in long-term LNG contracts and the risks of linking LNG prices to Henry Hub for buyers.
September 2014       3
Fuel for Thought: China's Natural Gas Vehicle Boom
The NGV population was less than 10,000 in 2000, and it might be more than 300 times greater than that now. So what exactly is driving this enormous growth and putting natural gas in the fast lane?
September 2014       3
Oil going off the boil? The Canadian Case
The shale revolution in North America has had a dramatic impact on its gas markets. It has completely changed the region's gas market prospects: no longer LNG importers...
August 2014       3
Driving Growth in Natural Gas Vehicles in Europe
Oil dominates the road transportation sector in Europe, constituting 93% of all vehicle fuels in 2011. Despite the current overwhelming dominance of oil in Europe, there are growing signs that natural gas could take off as a vehicle fuel.
August 2014       3
Mexico's Reforms and the Future of Renewable Energy
The reform will break up the state monopoly over energy in Mexico that had existed for more than 75 years.
July 2014       3
Religious Violence and Oil: The Long-term Impact of ISIS on International Oil Companies
There is anxiety that the ISIS movement could affect oil production and exports from Iraq, and have an impact on the market prices of oil.
July 2014       3
The Big Six: A Sense of Vertigo?
UK competitive energy markets turn 24 this year. But Ofgem, the energy regulator, has indicated that something is not quite right with the levels of competition in the market.
June 2014       3
From Russia with Gas: Impact of Russia-China Gas Deal on European and International LNG Markets
Is the new gas deal with China a 'game changer' for Europe and the rest of the world?
June 2014       3
Gas Boom in East Africa: is it the next epicentre for LNG?
Emerging markets are creating exciting opportunities for LNG investors. India and China are buying more and more LNG, with energy consumption forecast to double by 2035...
May 2014       3
The Russian-Ukrainian Conflict, Pipeline Politics and European Gas Markets as Collateral Damage
It is a story that has complex historical precedents, and one that is still being played out.
May 2014       3
The Risks of Long-term LNG Contracts.
Although commercial issues can usually lead to changes in the original contract, some contracts do not always have a price reopener clause. Long-term LNG contracts can be risky business.
April 2014       3
Nuclear Strikes Back?
In light of Japan's growing debt and reliance on expensive energy imports, is this high-LNG and no-nuclear energy mix likely to continue?
March 2014       3
The Boom of Netherland's Gas Hub
This article will briefly explore the growth in gas trade and then look at the central reasons for the developments in gas trading in the Netherlands.
March 2014       3
Drive on: the future of gas in transport in the UK
Over the last six months, gas has been an explosive issue with almost daily developments in the British media over the possibility of fracking.
February 2014       3
French gas hubs and price divergence
This month's article examines France's gas market(s), looking at the contemporary market, where the main gas hubs, PEG Nord and PEG Sud, show worrying levels of price divergence
February 2014       3
To Frack or Not to Frack
David Cameron has recently given his complete, unambiguous support for fracking, saying that he is 'all out for shale', creating anti-fracking and pro-fracking camps.
January 2014       3
The liberalisation of gas markets:
Gas market liberalisation was established in the UK in the early 1990s, with the creation of the NBP (National Balancing Point) virtual delivery point in 1996 and trade at this market...
January 2014       3