Below you will find the articles published for MZINE in 2016.

Small-Scale Gas: Virtual Pipelines
For much of the last 50 years the natural gas industry has operated on a major industrial scale with gas produced at large gas fields, transported by pipeline or via large LNG tankers for delivery to market
August 2016       4109
Norway and Switzerland Models of EU Treaties Considered as Possibilities for UK In the Event of Brexit
How other countries’ relations with the EU could potentially apply to the UK energy market.
June 2016       1342
Will leaving the EU affect the UK’s Energy?
In March 2016 National Grid recieved a report on the impact of Brexit on the UK energy sector. The result of which ranges from 'we don’t honestly know', to could be up to additional costs of £500m per year by early 2020s
June 2016       1375
The UK's nu-clear Future
"Opponents of nuclear misread the science. It is safe and reliable. The challenge, as with other low carbon technologies, is to deliver nuclear power which is low cost as well. Green energy must be cheap energy."
March 2016       1954
Didcot A - The End of an Iconic Era
On Tuesday 23rd February 2016 almost half of a decommissioned coal-fired power station collapsed killing at least one worker, possibly four, as they were preparing it for demolition.
March 2016       1123
COP21. Good COP or Bad COP?
After more than two decades of political debate the World’s leaders came together and agreed a plan to contain and reduce the causes of rising global temperatures whilst continuing to develop and maintain growing economies.
January 2016       1114