Gas Storage

We've been involved in various projects, onshore and offshore, in the UK and elsewhere, providing commercial, technical and operational consultancy, for salt cavities, depleted fields and some really strange holes we can't even tell you about. We've also undertaken a variety of strategic analyses, financial analyses, locational analyses and reviewed planning paralysis!

Gas Storage Feasibility Study
The purpose of this feasibility study was to provide estimates of capex, opex and potential income that would result from converting a disused mine into a gas storage facility for operation in the UK gas market.
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NW Europe gas storage market analysis
Assisting a client by supplying in depth analysis of storage operations across NW Europe. The reports were turned around quickly and effeciently giving our client confidence for their next acquisition.
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Underground Gas Storage in the World 2013 Survey
An industry reference on underground gas storage that includes in-depth analysis of the latest developments and trends in the storage industry all over the world as well as extensive analyses with complete datasets for more than 40 countries.
Written and published by CEDIGAZ we can offer this report (by agreement with publisher) at 20% off publisher's price.
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