Markets and Trading

Our extensive knowledge of the energy markets enables us to take an experienced approach to customers' requirements. Whether it's advising an aspiring gas shipper on market entry or helping to resolve issues by providing expert witness services, MJMEnergy consultants will offer a thorough yet flexible service.

We've looked at big 1000TWh markets and small 20TWh markets, analysed strengths in new entrants, weaknesses in incumbent monopolies, opportunities for new players, and threats from other technologies. If you're thinking of entering a new market, or just want to know what is going on in your current arena, contact us

NW Europe gas storage market analysis
Assisting a client by supplying in depth analysis of storage operations across NW Europe. The reports were turned around quickly and effeciently giving our client confidence for their next acquisition.
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Gas tariff study and recommendations
The purpose of the project was to provide a Government ministry with recommendations for the setting of gas tariffs for a developing market, with reference to the economic, competitive, development and socio-economic impacts of tariff design.
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Market Entry Study
The purpose of the project was to provide a strategic market entry study, in particular focusing on LNG.

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