Network Codes and Transportation

We've been involved in writing, analysing or acting as expert witnesses on Network Codes in six different nations. We have provided advice on balancing, scheduling, entry/exit, even the British capacity auctions about which we wrote the book! If you require help in this area, talk to us and let's see how we can assist you.

Capacity building in the Bangladesh energy market
At the request of the World Bank MJMEnergy developed a program of capacity building for senior gas production, transmission and distribution executives and engineers in the Bangladesh energy market.
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The Energy Codes Changes Service (TECCS)
we have been providing consultancy on industry codes since 1995. In order to help companies understand and keep up to date with changes and proposed changes to key codes in the UK, we have developed the industry codes consultancy service.
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Gas tariff study and recommendations
The purpose of the project was to provide a Government ministry with recommendations for the setting of gas tariffs for a developing market, with reference to the economic, competitive, development and socio-economic impacts of tariff design.
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“ We were there at the beginning and we've been there as it has evolved. Our consultants understand the complexities of gas transportation! ”