NW Europe gas storage market analysis
An investment bank
Four days
Key MJM Staff and Associates:
Nick F.White (Research Director), Tim Madden (Research Analyst)

NW Europe gas storage market analysis

Project Description

The client approached us with a requirement to understand future market dynamics for North West European storage in a very short timescale as part of a proposed storage acquisition.

Building the team

Due its existing in-house resource and storage expertise we were able to respond rapidly, and complete the project within four days of the initial request.


This project included two elements: a spreadsheet listing gas storage facilities in NW Europe and a report analysing future market dynamics for the storage market. The spreadsheet listed over 100 proposed or operational storage facilities in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, and analysed each in terms of its operational characteristics and a range of other commercial factors. The report explained the context for gas storage valuation in NW Europe, including long-term and short-term gas pricing and the value of flexibility, and then considered potential impacts in terms of Knowns, Known Unknowns, and Unknown Unknowns. The report was delivered on time and completed with a teleconference to summarise the findings and explore further questions and issues.


The report and subsequent teleconference was an important factor in the client's decision on their approach to the storage acquisition.

“With an experienced team available we can quickly and accurately produce detailed reports for our clients.”