Market Entry Study
A major European utility
Four weeks for report production, with follow-up briefings later
Key MJM Staff and Associates:
Mike Madden (Senior Consultant), Nick White (Research Director), Joshua Stedman (Analyst)

Market Entry Study

Project Description

The purpose of the project was to provide a strategic market entry study, in particular focusing on LNG.

Building the team

Focusing on core skills of UK market understanding and analysis, we used our own in-house analysts and consultants to provide a comprehensive service.


The market entry study provided uptodate, tailored analysis on the following areas:
- Physical infrastructure
- Commercial structure
- Market dynamics
- Access to LNG facilities and regulation
- Requirements for becoming a shipper
- Requirements for becoming a gas trader
- Commercial issues associated with becoming a gas shipper
- Conclusions and recommendations

The report included supply/demand, contracts, and pricing analyses and scenario analysis based on a range of gas supply strategies.


We then worked with our client to further define a UK market entry strategy.

“With an experienced team available we can quickly and accurately produce detailed reports for our clients.”