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Our expert trainers and consultants have been writting reports for many years, for other publications, as well as our own.

Below you will find a selection of our own publications that we offer to you for purchase in pdf format.
Please feel free to browse, you can purchase any of these by clicking the 'buy now' button on the product page.

If you would like us to write articles or reports for your company then contact us to discuss your requirements.

    Title: LNG Supply Handbook
Content: Researched and written by MJMEnergy, this brand new publication reports on global LNG supply and demand with analysis and forcasts up to 2035 from twenty-eight exporting countries. Available from June 2015.
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Cost: £3500 + shipping
Delivery: Hardcopy with secure pdf


    Title: LNG Today
Content: This report looks at the history of LNG up to 2004 when it was last updated. Covering in-depth studies of the LNG world and forcasts of future plans and growth. find out more
Cost: £20 + VAT at 20%
Delivery: pdf/digital download
    Title: The Long Term Capacity Auctions
Content: A review of the UK gas entry capacity regime. Published in 2003 when the auctions were first introduced. find out more
Cost: £20 + VAT at 20%
Delivery: pdf/digital download

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