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Energy Training Games, Exercises and Simulations

Designed to introduce you to real-life circumstances in which you can make successful choices based on learnt skills, our games and exercises cover a wide variety of areas. For more advanced experiences we have developed exercises that set the scene with realistic management and technical information enabling players to engage with the subject in a serious yet safe environment.

Interactive Games

As part of your capacity building experience we enable you to get as close as you can to reality in the form of competitive games that have been designed specifically to cement the knowledge that you have been presented with in the teaching sessions. These are based on the realities of gas prices, weather upsets and even chance cards to represent real life situations.

You may experience an unscheduled shut down of your power station or an earthquake that disrupts your gas supply but you will still be expected to balance your position and maintain supply to your customers.
In order to do this, you will need to work out a strategy or use your teams problem-solving skills.

Everything is presented in a creative format, making it a fun way to experience serious scenarios and learn how to deal with them.


Many of our games and exercises are based in the fictitious province of Dynamica where we can create exactly the right circumstances to focus on your key learning points. By adapting the infrastructure of this fantasy island, just about any situation can be created to effectively communicate and build understanding of the energy industry - or any other business for that matter.

Some companies like to incorporate elements of their personal development programmes to create another valuable dynamic alongside a helpful learning experience.

The variations of games and exercises it is possible to create using this environment are almost limitless. Take the tour to see some of the games that we have developed, or check out some examples below.

The above games and exercises are real examples that we use in various capacity building situations. If you want to explore using one or would like us to build something completely different for you, contact us to start a conversation or call us on +44(0)1993 774736.