Serving the energy industry

The MJMEnergy team of energy consultants delivers professional consultancy, training and publishing services to the energy industry across the world. Our particular focus is on the commercial, technical and regulatory aspects of the energy market. Our industry expertise has accumulated from many years of practical involvement covering gas, electricity, LNG, oil and emissions markets in over 50 countries.

Energy Consultancy

Experienced staff and associates provide high quality and accurate global energy consultancy where it is needed and in a timely fashion. We work in both established energy markets and emerging energy markets; bringing our experience of one to benefit the other. Key areas of expertise include network codes and transportation arrangements, LNG contracts and terminal use agreements, gas storage projects, gas pipeline projects, market analysis, market monitoring, liberalisation and regulation.

Energy Training

We provide relevant, up-to-date, interactive, and effective energy training courses to public, in-house and online settings at our place or yours. Professional training is designed for all levels of expertise and covers a vast range of energy disciplines. These include gas markets training and electricity markets training in UK, Europe and Worldwide. Our training also covers: LNG, Oil, Gas, Electricity, Carbon Trading, Power Generation as well as the Uniform Network Code.

Energy Publishing

Drawing on the experience of our consultants, trainers and associates we provide highly comprehensive and valued energy reports to assist and serve the global energy industry.
Our latest publication: The MJMEnergy LNG Supply Handbook, 2015-2035, published in June 2015, is available to order now. Find out more.

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This is the second of two articles that examine the growth of LNG supply and demand over the period 2015-2035.
LNG DEMAND TO MORE THAN DOUBLE BY 2035…then again it might not!
This analysis of LNG demand for the period 2015-2035 was recently undertaken by MJMEnergy as part of its in-depth analysis of LNG supplies 2015 to 2035 published in the MJMEnergy LNG Supply Handbook 2015-2035.
Is LNG Set to Mirror Oil?
In the 1980s the oil market, which had previously had long-term fixed-price contracts, underwent a significant change. Is LNG is approaching a similar moment in time?
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