The energy industry is changing rapidly with developing technology, alternative energy supplies, developing competitive markets, changing regulatory and corporate structures. Ensuring that commercial, technical and regulatory staff have the understanding, skills, experience and confidence to operate effectively in this changing industry is a key issue for the success of energy companies, industry, regulators and government.

MJMEnergy provides a broad mix of capacity building and training, including bespoke in-house training and workshops, interactive energy games and business simulations, public courses, training needs assessments and development of capacity building plans, and speaking at conferences and seminars. We cover the whole range of gas, electricity, oil, LNG and emissions markets from regulatory, commercial and technical perspectives.

MJM Online

MJMEnergy’s In-house content, including the Gas Basics Course, Gas Advanced and UK Electricity Courses.

In-house training

Training courses to be delivered in-house as a cost effective means of delivering training.


Training content for the European Federation of Energy Traders, powered by MJMEnergy

Prepared Training

MJMEnergy have provides a variety of prepared and bespoke training to our clients.

Business Games

Using the ingenious platform of the fictitious nation of Dynamica which has its own offshore gas fields, onshore transportation regime and gas consumers.