In rapidly changing markets relevant insight is of crucial importance. Whilst a wealth of information is now available online, navigating the complexities of energy and providing appropriate, effective, timely understanding in a clear and compelling format remains a challenging requirement.

MJMEnergy undertakes research on key technical, commercial and regulatory energy issues producing timely, insightful reports, single and multi-client studies on a range of energy issues, both through its own publishing business and in conjunction with other organisations.

Free Reports

MJMEnergy has written numerous reports and we have made a  selection of our past reports for free

Energy Reports

MJMEnergy has produced a number of energy reports for publication both under its own number or under the brand of its clients.

Data gathering / analysis

With a strong core team MJMEnergy has been able to provide clients with extensive data gathering and analysis services

Cedigaz Insights

MJMEnergy has a long-term relationship with Cedigaz providing  short reports called Cedigaz Insights.